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“Right design is our business” – webcolor.in

Webcolor was founded by two individuals who are passionate about website designs. We are team of two with experience of more than eight years in website development. We are based in Bangalore, India.

Experience: We have worked full time with internet companies as frontend developers. Our expertise includes cross-browser development, designs for devices like laptops, tablets, mobile etc. Responsive design techniques that works across devices and also follow User Experience (UX) and Human Interface Guidelines(HIG). We like to utilize these skills for someone who needs websites or web applications.

Team: We like to be small team (two members) and remain focused on our work. We handle few clients at a time and produce quality work.

Deliveries: We have gained experience in creating websites for Business, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Real Estates and several other industries. We also undertake web application development work. We have worked on Hospital Management, Inventories for Hotels, Analytics for HR & Marketing teams.

Intention: Design is easy but right design is hard. We have spent years experimenting design patterns. So our idea is to open those skills and benefit others. Having a website marks your online presence. People decide quality of business with designs. So it’s important to boost your business with best and high quality websites.

Services & Features

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your page ranking when someone searches in Google, Bing or any other search engine.

Web Design

Simplify everything about your life on web. Get the right design for your requirements.


Leave your Annual Maintenance risk on us. We will fix any issues and support adding features to your website.


Use latest in technologies like Whatsapp, Google Hangout or Slack. Teamviewer for remote debugging or fixing issues.


Get invoice for work done and pay in incremental fashion. Pay by Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card or Direct Deposits.

Website Hosting

Get your website hosted without any hassle. You can choose hosting plan and leave rest from doing.

Growing Library of Websites

Take a look at these gorgeous websites made by WebColor.

Why choose us?

What makes us Best Website Designer & Developer is NOT just technical. It's:

FLEXIBLE: We listen to you and align our process to your needs.

IN-BUDGET: Customize features you need, we will match best price.

CONFIDENTIAL: We maintain every business secrets and not publish for marketing.

CUSTOMER FOCUSED: We solve your problems and use technology just as tools.

QUALITY: We follow industry standard coding and cover all aspects of web development.

TRANSPARENCY: We do not hide your work from you. We hand-over entire work.

PAPERLESS: We do not have any contract signing or paperwork from us.

UltraFast Hosting:

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