Plans & Pricing for Website Development

These are estimates and you can customize plans, we will match best price.


Simple Info Site
  • 4-6 Static Pages
  • 100% Editable Pages
  • Fast & Secure
  • Contact Form
  • Social Site Links


For Business & Service Providers
  • 8-12 Static Pages
  • 100% Editable Pages
  • Fast & Secure
  • Contact Form
  • Social Site Links


Sell Products or Services Online
  • Everything in Starter
  • 12-15 Pages
  • Admin Panel
  • Payment Integration
  • Email Notifications

Website Design Price

We calculate price with the amount of effort spent or complexity involved in building a feature. Building plain simple website is easier and takes less time than building highly interactive websites. The more interactions in a page, the more codes needs to be written to handle each and every situation. Making a feature work across devices and browsers is also another challenge. But when we have gained enough experience in building such interactions it takes less amount of time to get a website up and running.

We are big fan of builing websites with Usability in mind. We follow User Experience standards and maintain simplicity of website unless its Music, Entertainment or such websites where interaction is prime important.

Landing Page Design

Web Application Development Price

Application development is time consuming and complex than building website. Building Web App requires experience in UI design techniques, mindset of architect and programming skills to solve technical challenges. There is no one standard price as each application has its own requirement and way of working. We calculate prices based on complexity of a feature, time and effort spent in development. In general web app takes more time in development as it requires more communication with clients, understand features, follow best practice’s, test features and support hosting.

We have experence in building analytic, hospital systems, inventory systems and apps for startups. In general it takes 3-6 months to complete and launch in market. More complex applications take more time as per requirement. Below are some estimates in case you are seeking web app development.

Web Application Development

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