Plans & Pricing for Website Development

These are estimates and you can customize plans, we will match best price.


Simple Info Site
  • 4-6 Static Pages
  • 100% Editable Pages
  • Fast & Secure
  • Contact Form
  • Social Site Links


For Business & Service Providers
  • 8-12 Static Pages
  • 100% Editable Pages
  • Fast & Secure
  • Contact Form
  • Social Site Links


Sell Products or Services Online
  • Everything in Starter
  • 12-15 Pages
  • Admin Panel
  • Payment Integration
  • Email Notifications

Pricing for Website Design

Our pricing is based on the level of effort and complexity required to build each feature. Simple websites are quicker and easier to build than highly interactive ones, which involve writing more code to handle various situations. Ensuring features work seamlessly across different devices and browsers is also a challenge, but with experience, we can streamline the process and reduce the time required to launch a site.

We prioritize usability in all our website designs, following user experience standards and keeping things simple, unless the website’s focus is on interaction, such as in the case of music or entertainment sites.

Landing Page Design

Pricing for Web Development

Developing applications is a more intricate and time-consuming process compared to creating websites. To build a web application, one must possess expertise in UI design techniques, an architectural mindset, and programming skills to tackle technical challenges. Pricing for web app development varies depending on the complexity of the features, time, and effort required for development. Generally, web app development takes longer due to the need for more communication with clients, understanding features, following best practices, testing features, and supporting hosting.

Our team has extensive experience in building various types of applications, including analytic, hospital systems, inventory systems, and apps for startups. Typically, it takes 3-6 months to complete and launch a web app in the market. However, more complex applications may take longer based on the specific requirements. If you are interested in web app development, below are some estimated costs to consider.

Web Application Development

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