Javascript Development

Do you know Javascript is said to be most misunderstood programming language? You can google around and this is what you will land to:

Javascript Google Search Result

Why so?

In his website Crockford’s gives reason why it is easy to misunderstand javascript. The main reason he mentions are, name of language, javascript, close to java programming language. design error in language, bad books written on top of it leading to others who read this book misunderstanding concepts.

Popularity of Javascript

Popularity of Javascript has sky rocketed. It has become world’s most popular programming language in past few years. Javascript is language of web, light weight and expressive. Javascript was used to add behavior to webpage. Similar to how HTML and CSS adds content and presentation to page. But this is not true anymore. Javascript is not limited to program web interfaces. Today you can run javascript on server side (Node JS), embeded with other languages like Java, C++.

Rise of Web Application

Web application is proving to be most convenient way for a company to handle their online business. By keeping code repository at single place, edit/update happens without much overhead in effort and delay. Due to increase of such applications, most of the codes are written/re-written in web programming languages. Javascript is one such old web programming language, understood by most of web browsers that exist.

At Webcolor

We have strong fundamentals in plain or so called vanilla javascript. This gives us advantage to learn and use any flavors of language like Angular or React or anything hot in market. We have executed application in Node.js using Express.js and Angular.js. We have also dealt with projects written in Angular.js for front-end and back-end being REST API calls in other programming languages.

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