PSD to HTML Conversion

If you have landed here, chances are that you know PSD. If not, PSD is nothing but a Photoshop Document. It is file extension .psd, which includes metadata apart from image data, useful to show file in Photoshop with settings applied.

Before we start coding a website we need to draw a visual representation of it. This is also called Wireframing. One of the technique popular among designers is to use applications like Photoshop and generate PSD or so called Wireframes. They design series of image (.psd) showing entire navigation of website.

Why PSD or Wireframing?

In industries lot of time and effort is spent in getting right wireframes. Generally a UX designer works with Product Manager and come up with wireframes. Having visual representation of entire design before it is coded eliminates chances of errors in UX or usability. It saves development time as they need not revisit or change screens look and feel often.

PSD to HTML at Webcolor

At Webcolor we convert any PSD/AI/PDF file to HTML/XHTML/HTML5 using CSS and Javascript. We deliver these webpages after hand-coding entirely. As PSD is more like image, we communicate our work with client to their satisfaction.

  • Pixel Perfect – No compromise on look and feel of webpage
  • Cross-Browser compatible – Design is tested in different browsers and devices
  • Web Standards – Best practice and coding standards are followed
  • Fast Loading – Speed is a feature and we have set high bar for quick load of website
  • Code Comments – Entire HTML/CSS/JS code is commented with necessary details

After hand coding websites and designs for more than 8 years, we do PSD to HTML coversion much faster with accuracy than many others. It requires experience to understand edge cases, interaction building and entire experience that user of website feels. Not entire detail is covered in PSD so we communicate with client and take their demands.


Our estimate for PSD to HTML conversion is between ₹ 2,000 – ₹ 25,000 per page. The main reason being some pages involve more interactions than others. Get estimates

Is PSD wireframe way right?

There are few drawbacks in using PSD

  • Time consuming and involves UX designer
  • Font, texts in PSD is different than available in Web.
  • It does not show small / large screen sizes
  • Interactions cannot be show in PSD
  • It is near to exact but not exact
  • Technical Challenges – Too much graphic in website slows it down

In case there are several changes to design or more than one person involved it is better to have visuals of website before coding. Disadvantages of PSD to HTML can always be overcome by strong communication before jumping on code.

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