Website Design

Right design is our business.

We at webcolor learn in-depth about any new design before applying them. We do lot of research on pros cons of changing design patterns before recommending to any client. We focus on right design for a business. After working with world’s top brand companies we chose designs that are simple and easy to use. Design is not how it looks but design is how it works.

Key areas that we focus while designing website:

1. Consistency

The first fundamental principle is consistency. Users expect to feel a sense of continuity when browing web pages. Dis-continuity disrupts and plucks users out of it. User are challenged to learn something new again.

2. Predictability

Predictability is comfort. Predictability plays a big part in reinforcing self-assurance. When things turn out the way users predict, they feel a stronger sense of control. Being predictable maintains psychological and emotional equilibrium in the user. It requires less mental effort from the user and puts them at ease.

3. Easy to Learn

When we say ‘Intuitive’ it means easy to learn. Easy to learn refers to few trials and hopefully no grave errors before a user gets the hang of how to use an app. The ideal number of trials should be just one. Making sure that an app is easy to learn prevents user frustration and can enhance the experience.

4. Legibility

Contents play significant role in design. Most of time user interacts with website through its words. In that case legibility is fundamental priciple to pay attention to. Have clear, well-written text, ssing colors and icons to create clear visual hierarchies are good ways to ensure legibility.

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