Website Support and Maintenance


Annual Maintenance:

Webcolor provides half-yearly or Annual Maintenance (AMC) work of your website or applicaiton.
AMC includes minor changes to your website and enhancements, bug fixes or any other maintenance work.


Webcolor supports hosting of your website or web application.
You can choose hosting plans you like and we do the rest.
We have experience in working with hosting providers be it GoDaddy or HostGators or any one else.
We do all the configuration work on your behalf and maintain transparency in providing details.


You may not believe but communication all alone takes more than 20% of entire effort spent.
So we pay attention on quality communication and use right channels depending on requirements.
We use WhatsApp, Slack, Google Hangout and even Skype depending on needs.


We do not take any advance payments. After understanding requirements we communicate pricing for work.
We deliver our work in increments. You can verify each deliveries and pay for the same.
Most of our customers do NetBanking but we leave it on your choice.
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