Should you hire Freelancer or Web Design Company?


Freelancer or Web Design Company in India?

It’s not hard to find a Freelancer in India today who works on website design or development. There are tons of software developers who work as full time employee at some organisation and do freelancing in their off-time.


On the other side there are several startups coming up in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and other places who showcase their speciality in designs. Designs including wireframes, visuals, websites, cards, prints, posters.

Some History

Web Design Companies:
No doubt web design companies claim to be expert in several areas of web development. Most of web design companies start small with 2-5 members and less investment. After they acquire few clients they contract more people and start hiring as employees when business grows.

In general web design companies in India focus on building less cost or cheap solutions with moderate quality. This means they cannot afford to pay good salary to their employees. So these companies look for college hires, freshers and people with diploma’s who can learn to design and code. As the demand for salary would be less than hiring an expert.

Finding a good web designer is still a challenge in India. Most of them copy designs than thinking design.

Freelancers are master of their destination which is painful experience too. If you google around for freelancers in India or Freelancers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or any other city you will find tons on names or individuals involved in this work.

Life history of freelancers aren’t very different than those companies. Most of individuals doing freelancing work are those who didn’t get any job after studies, searching for high pay jobs by showcasing they are freelancer, working in some company and manage freelancing as and when time permits.

As already mentioned design is not a subject in our college or school so learning right design is one’s own initiative and learn by experience.

Quality of Work

Quality of work depends on people working on it. It happens that sometimes individuals produce quality work that a company fails to do. And even vice verse. Before chosing a company or freelancer it becomes important to understand their work, culture and expertise in field. Because if someone is struggling on design, cannot produce quality work in less time. Design involves lots of learning and it is time consuming process.


Companies charge higher than Freelancers as their cost of website making is high. They need to pay employees, infrastructure setup and even return on their investments with profits. A freelancer is cheaper than a company atleast and they have less investment to make. This also gives you more power to bargain with freelancer.


In case you are timeline oriented or your work is urgent nature it is recommended that you understand individual or web company in detail before you hire them. Both are known to skip their timelines and postpone their promise dates.

Infrastructure and Testing

A company can afford to have hardwares and softwares involved to test their work. Individuals or Freelancers who agree for your work, it becomes important that you confirm they have enough devices to test your work. For example, Building Mobile WebApp requires a person to have iPhone, Android phones with several browsers installed that customers use. Few companies think spending money on building infrastrucure is waste. And they promise their clients of high quality work which is visible after a while. It is very important before you signup with them, check if company or individual has enough infrastrure like desktops, laptops, phones and even electricty in that matter.


Companies put strict restrictions on number of changes or they ask you to pay more for customizations. Freelancers win in this case as they have less strictness in number iterations on work. They are more casual than a web design company.


An individual’s knowledge will always be limited than what company can offer. So you should choose if your work involves multiple technologies. If not a freelancer can complete your work too. Irrespective of freelancer or web design company you should check if every aspect of website is covered and not just design. For example, speed of website, optimization of images, HTML, CSS, JS usage etc.


Freelancer do not involve in much paperwork which also means they do not take incharge of risks or damages to you or your brand. In case such risks matters to your business it is better to go with a design company which is well established and covers your risk like insurance policies.

At Webcolor

We are individuals who are full time employees and work as Freelancer in part time. We work more aggresively over weekends than weekdays. With experience of industry we have understood right designs and produce same quality of work for someone needing website or web application.

Webcolor = Benefits of (Freelancer + Web Design Company)

Testing: We have small and large Monitors, Laptops, Tablets and Phones with various browsers pre-installed to test our work.

We combine the benefit of both, freelancer and web design company to maximise the benefits you get. In the end your satisfaction is what matters most.

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