Website Templates vs Custom Design


Website Templates vs Custom Design in India

Are you confused weather to choose Website Template or hand-coded Website? Before we jump and conclude, let us understand what they are how we use them.

Website Templates

Templates are visual appearance of websites. It can be either in the form of image or HTML. They are also first step towards website or web application development. UX designer design mocks or Wireframes and Front-end designers code HTML templates. They use HTML, CSS and Javascript to write entire templates.



Today there are hundreds of websites offering templates on various business categories. Gone are the days when this was limited to business. Today these websites and developers offer templates on several other categories like Admin, Creative, Entertainment, Mobile, Personal, Wedding and many more.

Popular website templates provider:

Why Website Templates?

This is same as asking if you like to stitch your clothes or buy readymade ones. Both approach has Pros Cons so you need to know what best suits your need. Similarly in software world writing website involves lots of thinking. It also takes certain of time for a developer to code, test and deliver website to clients. In case of website templates, they are ready, available and you get tons to choose from. It take just few seconds to pick, pay and start using a template.

  • Saves Time – You can buy and use them within few seconds.
  • Choice – You get to choose from thousands of templates offered by companies.
  • Tested – These templates are already tested by developers making them.
  • Quality – In general they are of medium quality level.
  • Cheap – They are available at cheaper rate so you pay lesser than what you would pay to developer for same.

Problems with Website Templates

Agreed that there are tons of benefits using website templates. But as you know there are cons of using readymade items.

  • Flexibility – Website templates are less flexible to alter or add any change
  • Plugins – Website Template developers follow shortcuts and do not write much of functionality. Instead they rely on tons of plugins using CSS or Javascript or jQuery and use them in website. These plugins add interaction in website at the cost of speed and load time of website.
  • Slow Load – Due to heavy weight plugins these templates are very slow to load and execute which is bad customer experience.
  • Integration Effort – As it is some other developer who has written code of template. In case you want to integrate these visual elements with business logic it becomes hard to ready and understand code.
  • Duplicate Design – In general we buy a copy of website template which means others can buy same designs too. There are chances that two or more website look same using same templates.

Is Custom Website Better?

There is no one way better than other one. In custom design, developers write entire website from scratch. Custom website overcomes most of disadvantages that website templates have but they also have their own problems. For custom website you need to rely on designer, validate and verify work and quality to your acceptance level.

Quality design is still an issue in India. There are thousands of frontend developers in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and many other city but to generate high quality website or intuitive design is still challenge. Main reason being we are not thought about designs in our school. It’s still new that design schools are opening. So old school fellows are still struggling to match today’s taste of design.

In case web developer is not good at designs or charges you way high price, choose Website Template to quick start.

Developing web application requires lots of business logic and integration work. It has more than design and in such case it is better to write application from scratch.

  • Scale – You can scale and modular custom made designs
  • Optimize – Custom website speed, images, css, js and every single item can be customized with ease.
  • Web Application Integration – Integration of backend with frontend is easier than using website templates.

Approach used at Webcolor, India

We do website template redesign but we recommend you to choose a template. Tell us templates you liked and we will take inspiration from that design and customize to your needs that match your customer base. We write design from scratch to produce quality work that is simple, scalable and flexible. We iterate our design till acceptable level. It’s that simple.

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